May 4, 2017

John and Julia's Housewarming Gift

John and Julia's Housewarming Gift

I made this pillow (blue with white stars)with quilt squares already sewn by Julia's grandmother.  Her grandmother (who was a hand quilter) recently passed away and these squares were left.  I sewed them together and made a pillow out of them.  I think the quilt squares have found the right home at John and Julia's new place.  :) 

May 1, 2017

Door Knob Stoppers

This was my newest project this weekend, Door Knob Stoppers.  They are used to prevent the door from locking.  This way little children can not lock themselves in.  They can also be used to silence the door acting as a cushion.  This is very handy if you have a baby in the house and don't want to wake it from sleep.    If you would like one please message me they are $3 a piece and can be made in any color.