January 25, 2015

Carlos' Quilt

Pattern is from City Quilts, page 94.  City Shops is the pattern name however I added an extra row and 7" to all rows to increase the overall size.  Fun and easy pattern to follow.  I very much like the way it turned out and it was given away as a gift. 

January 18, 2015

Barbie Clothes

This was a Christmas present for my niece Raelynn. I had fun playing with fabrics and styles.  I came up with two dressing (the red poke-a-dot with the little red bow is my favorite), three skirts one with a matching bag, and a white top.  I found an online tutorial for the top on Pinterest; http://www.pinterest.com/pin/247346204510530251/ however the rest was just designed on the fly.  I think I will defiantly make more Barbie clothes in the future for other little girls. 


January 7, 2015

Seat Belt Covers

Selling a few of my goods at work today. I am thinking of getting a booth at local craft fair.  I thought I would test a few of my ideas at work.  I sold 8 seat belt covers today, they did better then I thought.  I think they will be on my list for the craft fair.  What do you think would be a good seller?